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Walking your child down the aisle [Oct. 25th, 2010|08:19 am]
A Community For Jewish Parenting


I want to preface this by saying we HAVE spoken to our Rav and will get further clarity from him but I would like to hear personal stories and other opinions some of you may have received about this 'issue'.

Walking your child from your previous marriage down the aisle.... did you and your ex walk him/her down? Did the mothers walk the bride down and the fathers walk the groom down?

I asked our Rav who looked it up and basically he said that according to the source he was reading (and I'm sure there are multiple sources), it is an Ashkenazi Minhag (Eastern European tradition) that a married couple should walk the Chattan (groom) and Kallah (bride) down the aisle. IIRC, the book specifies the Minhag (tradition) of women with the Kallah, men with the Chattan but does mention 'Minhag Americai' (American tradition) for one set of parents to walk down the Chattan and another for the Kallah.

I'm curious if this holds true for Sephardim as well. (Although I'm fairly certain the Chattan is Ashkenazi).

I'm not sure what my ex wants to do, but I have every intention of walking my daughter down the aisle. (The Chattan's parents are also divorced, the father is completely out of the picture and I have no idea who walked his married sister down the aisle).